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Task Type Value and Description
L Loyalty - The value indicates a number of loyalty credits earned. Loyalty credits will allow you special privileges and discounts. Loyalty credits can lower your price for a membership upgrade.
C Cash - The value indicates US$. That is, a value of .10 is 10 cents US. The money is added to your task account balance. You can use the converter feature to move this cash to your main balance.
P Points - The value indicates points added to your task account balance. Use the converter in your account to convert points to cash or advertising credits.

Only request approval for completed tasks. Read Me!


ID#: 101

Task Value: .10

Must be a verified MQS Member

I clicked all the ads for today and I sent an internal message to username admin indicating how long it took me to complete this task.


ID#: 99

Task Value: 1
MQS Revenue Sharing

I am a member of MQS team on Traffic Swirl, I achieved more than 5000 Total Points for the indicated pool number in the title of this task and I have updated my score on the MQS. site

Note: You must be a verified MQS member. Your score entry on MQS will be verified against the team score on TS. This task will expire when a new pool is created on MQS.

MQS Lesson 1

ID#: 83

Task Value: .10

This is your first training lesson in MQS.

Do not request approval if you have not completed the lesson.


ID#: 56

Task Value: 1
Radio Loyalty

Get paid to listen to your favorite radio station. Checkout the provided link. Every 10 minute you complete a captcha and get awarded. Once you have tried it, complete this task to get your account setup to start earning on fjPTC

Available US, UK, Canada and Australia

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